Effective Meetings

Whether you’re meeting the press, an individual or a business group, your interpersonal skills give you the power to improve the effectiveness of any meeting. The benefits are many, but here are some top-line outcomes that you could achieve:

  • Save time
  • Avoid misunderstandings
  • Create a positive atmosphere
  • Remove tension
  • Deliver a win/win to all
  • Shows you and your company in a good light

ESTIME can help you achieve all these goals, and more, through its online and face-to-face interpersonal skills training workshops. Even in the most difficult encounter, you can be sure to minimise any potential harm.

If you would like to clearly understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to interpersonal interactions, David Tebbutt would be delighted to share his deeply practical insights with you. You’ll be able to start putting your learnings into practice immediately after completing each training module.

David will deliver your training online or face-to-face. Because the training is highly interactive, it is capped to four delegates online or six face-to-face. Each online module is limited to 90 minutes.

David has already trained over 3,500 delegates in media skills, primarily for tech clients (list). He has decades of practical experience of using the two sets of meeting skills, each of which is built on solid and proven psychological theory.

As a by-product, all of the training benefits the delegate beyond the commercial environment. In David’s case, it transformed his personal life and made him a better writer. (He’s been an editor and award-winning writer in parallel with his training and IT careers.)


The Media Skills modules are Be Prepared, Hook Interest and Maintain Control.
The Meetings Skills modules are Personal and Business.
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