Engagement Skills Training
for Security Professionals

In an ever-changing world, human nature remains constant
The more effectively we ‘read’ others, the more influence we have

Our engagement skills training courses help you influence journalists and senior company stakeholders. You can achieve outcomes that satisfy all parties and which reflect your organisation in a good light. At worst, you want to ensure that you minimise any potential harm. You can only achieve this if you are mentally ready for any kind of encounter.

Our courses are available online or face to face (once we’re safe from COVID-19 risk). Here’s some more detail:

Media skills: Learn how to encourage positive stories and suppress negative ones when talking to journalists.

The media can be dangerous in the event of a notifiable security incident. They can harm your reputation simply by reporting what your spokespeople (authorised or not) say.

This can lead to financial consequences both in terms of customer loss and company valuation.

Media skills training enables staff to neutralise the threat at worst and deliver positive messages at best.

The aim of the training is to enable spokespeople to achieve a win/win result with the interviewer and their audience.

Media Skills Training enables you to:

  • understand the interviewer and control the process.
  • understand and counter their tricks.
  • deliver publishable messages for a win-win outcome.

“Delivers the best picture ever of how journalists think and behave – really powerful” – VP

“The practice will arm you for any possibility in media briefings.” – PR Director

View the introductions to each of the three course sessions.

Our free Guide to Media Engagement provides an overview of the ground covered.

Stakeholder Skills: Learn how to handle sensitive discussions successfully.

Stakeholders whether internal (e.g. board members) or external (e.g. sensitive customers) can present a formidable audience for spokespeople who have to report on security incidents. The conversations can become awkward and an untrained person can easily lose control.

Two courses are available (although they can be run as one):

Stakeholder Engagement Skills – Personal concentrates on personal interaction skills and follows neatly from our free Discover Yourself personality assessment.

Stakeholder Engagement Skills – Meetings focuses on categorising the behaviours exhibited in business meetings. Using this knowledge, course attendees will be able to ‘read’ participants (and leaders) and act/react in the most effective way.

Stakeholder skills training enables your staff to quietly control such meetings and bring everyone to a positive frame of mind.

Stakeholder Skills Training enables you to:

  • Understand people’s attitudes, personalities and behaviours
  • Shape yours to create better outcomes for all encounters

“Easy to follow, good mix of diagrams and exercises” – IT leader

“Simple and intuitive tools to understand and decode people’s behaviours” – Graphical Designer

A webinar attendee’s assessment is on our Review page.

View the introductions to each of the courses.

Our free Guide to Stakeholder Engagement provides an overview of the ground covered by both.

As a by-product, all of our training benefits attendees by enhancing their life skills in general.

Please contact us for further information – info@estime.co.uk