Do we blame our social tools or ourselves?

Luis Suarez and I have known each other for many years and through many personal iterations. I respect him enormously because of his deep insights and understanding of the social world and the way organisations could be…

He gave my recent article such kind praise and linked it to something so important – “the tendency to blame tools instead of looking inwards” (my paraphrase) – I felt I had to share. Thank you Luis. As ever.

Here’s what he wrote:

Luis Suarez:  Helping organisations work smarter, not necessarily harder, through #SocBiz & Data Analytics

If instead of blaming digital, collaborative tools for our own misbehaviours and (ab)uses, we would take a deeper and harder look into our very own character, behaviours and mindset, I suspect we would all be able to solve lots of the poignant issues we’re currently facing at the moment.
Specially, when hosting virtual meetings now that we are all doing #Distributed_Work, for instance. Are you Zoomed out yet? ????
Here’s the wonderfully talented and very smart David Tebbutt sharing with us (via ESTIME) a way out of that mess by understanding it’s perhaps *us* who are the ones who need to evolve and do better, and not the tools.
I have just spent a few minutes doing the ‘Discover Yourself‘ assessment and I can tell you it didn’t leave me indifferent.
I had a chuckle or two about how silly I may have been sometimes in *that* particular Web meeting I participated in not long ago. And you?

Thank you Luis. If anyone needs to see the previous post, it’s here.

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