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We specialise in interpersonal skills training for one-on-one contact, critical business meetings and the (sometimes tough) media.

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The ‘we’ referred to are Neil Aremband and David Tebbutt. They met at a GDPR event in 2019 through their shared interest in security matters. They discovered a mutual desire to introduce interpersonal skills training to the security community, especially as part of data breach response planning. While internal processes and regulator reporting may be well-rehearsed, communications with media and stakeholders tends to be forgotten until it’s too late. The training works for any organisation, hi-tech in particular.

David Tebbutt
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Following a traditional 14-year IT career, including just over two years as a management skills trainer for a major computer company, David entered the publishing world to rescue a troubled Personal Computer World magazine where he was editor and consulting editor for many years.

He also became an award-winning columnist as well as co-founding Caxton software, conceiving and writing one of its products, BrainStorm. He also started a media skills training partnership with Martin Banks in 1988, training over 3500 delegates in the ensuing years.

His three careers carried on in parallel for many years until he sold BrainStorm and the Press Here training partnership domain name (presshere.com), both to Americans. He continues to train (media skills and interpersonal skills) and write – historically, for over 40 newspapers and magazines, plus a great deal of online copy – and, more recently, for corporate clients.

While technology has been his primary focus, he also worked with the Science Museum on a sustainability project in 2003/4 and the launch of Blue and Green Tomorrow (still available online), another sustainability-focused title.

In recent years he co-founded THINGUIDES which publishes technology guides for business people, its CGI-sponsored Cyber Security for Business is in its second edition.

Before all the foregoing, one of his jobs was selling newspapers on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.

Neil Aremband
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After deciding that Veterinary Science was not a direction he wanted to pursue, Neil decided to focus on a more business-oriented career. After multiple business analysis and project management roles, he decided to consult with senior stakeholders, specialising in data protection and compliance management. He’s worked across a wide range of industries, including IT, Finance, Pensions, Mortgage, Insurance and Telecommunications as well as in the public sector.

In addition to being an experienced GDPR practitioner, he’s also retained his business analysis and project team building skills. His specific specialisations include: process analysis, data analysis, risk management, quality assurance, data management and people management.

In short, he’s good at translating business requirements into tangible results. A good example of this is how he assists organisations to identify their high risk areas relating to personal data compliance and develops and implements mitigating actions to ensure their compliance with GDPR.

Neil is also a licensed psychometric analyst. His hobbies include tennis, hiking and music (he learnt to play piano at the age of six and was also part of a family band). He’s also a big fan of musical theatre.