Learn how to lead or participate in meetings in a way that helps steer them to a successful outcome.

Meetings interactions grid
Meeting interactions grid

The most sensitive business meetings involve stakeholders such as board members or sensitive customers. They can present a challenge for anyone, especially those who might be reporting back on an unwelcome topic such as a security breach. Discussions can become tense and awkward and untrained person can easily lose control.

Our Meetings Skills: Business workshop focuses on categorising the behaviours exhibited in business meetings. Using this knowledge, course attendees will be able to ‘read’ participants (and leaders) and act/react in the most effective way.

Our business meetings skills training enables you to quietly influence such meetings and bring everyone to a positive frame of mind.

After participating, you will be able to:

  • Understand the different behaviours that people use during a meeting
  • Consciously choose your behaviours to maximise the chance of a successful outcome

“Easy to follow, good mix of diagrams and exercises” 

IT Leader

A companion workshop – Meetings Skills: Personal – shows how you can influence the progress and outcomes of any personal encounter. The skills you learn here can be applied in all parts of your life.

View short video introductions to each of the workshops.

Our free Guide to Stakeholder Interactions provides an overview of the ground covered by both.