Discover Yourself

We offer what we call a Personality Profile Assessment. It gives you an idea of the makeup of your personality based on your reactions to a set of 20 statements. They reveal the amount of energy you’re currently putting into each of the five aspects of your behaviour.

Did you know that it’s possible to move away from your instinctive behaviours to more productive ones? This assessment is the first step to understanding yourself and others.

Inside every one of us is a collection of ‘ego states’ built from our life experiences from childhood to the present day.

Whether consciously or not, we deploy one or other of these ego states whenever we interact with someone else.

To others, we are the behaviours they observe. And the same goes the other way round, we ‘read’ them through their behaviours.

If we analyse their behaviour and ‘edit’ our own, we can create constructive encounters out of the most unpromising beginnings.

The questionnaire will take you five to ten minutes

Would you like to find out what your ‘personality profile’ looks like and, more importantly, what it means? The pages that follow contain 20 statements, each with five responses which we ask you to rank from ‘most like you’ to ‘least like you’. Don’t worry if you can’t see ‘you’ in one of the sets, you will still be able to rank them according to the intensity of your aversion.

It’s best if you respond quickly and instinctively. Each question takes just six taps or mouse clicks – five for the statements and one for the Next button – this doesn’t appear until you’ve ranked the five items.

Most people find it speedy and enjoyable. There are no right or wrong answers.

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, we will ask for your name and email so we know where to send your results and your personality assessment.