Learn how to encourage positive stories and suppress negative ones when talking to journalists.

Media skills 'architecture'
Media skills ‘architecture’

The media can be dangerous in the event of, for example, a notifiable security incident. They can harm your reputation simply by reporting what your spokespeople (authorised or not) say. This can lead to financial consequences both in terms of customer loss and company valuation.

Media skills training enables staff to neutralise the threat at worst and deliver positive messages at best. The aim of the training is to enable spokespeople to achieve a win/win result with the interviewer and their audience.

Media Skills Training enables you to:

  • understand the interviewer and control the process.
  • understand and counter their tricks.
  • deliver publishable messages for a win-win outcome.

“Delivers the best picture ever of how journalists think and behave – really powerful” – VP

“The practice will arm you for any possibility in media briefings.” – PR Director

View short video introductions to each of the three workshop modules.

Our free Guide to Media Interactions provides an overview of the ground covered.