Learn how to handle important conversations successfully.

Five main aspects of personality

Stakeholders, whether internal (e.g. board members) or external (e.g. sensitive customers), can present a formidable audience for spokespeople such as those who have to report on security incidents. The conversations can become awkward and an untrained person can easily lose control. The fundamental principles of human interaction apply inside and outside of the business context.

Our Meetings Skills: Personal training module concentrates on personal interaction skills and follows neatly from our free Discover Yourself personality assessment. This gives you a helpful profile of the ‘inner you’ and how you tend to distribute the different aspects of your personality. You may find it interesting and informative, regardless of whether or not you follow up with our 90-minute training workshop.

After participating, you will be able to:

  • Understand people’s attitudes and personalities
  • Choose your own behaviour to create a better outcome for all encounters

Simple and intuitive tools to understand and decode people’s behaviours

Graphical Designer

A companion workshop – Meetings Skills: Business – shows how you can influence the progress and outcomes of any meeting, business meetings in particular. An attendee’s review of both modules may interest you.

View short video introductions to each of the workshops.

Our free Guide to Stakeholder Interactions provides an overview of the ground covered by both.