One of our course delegates, a data protection business analyst, offered the following helpful feedback a day or two after completing our two Stakeholder Interactions webinar-based sessions:

His overall comment was: “I found that attending both courses was very beneficial.

And this is what he had to say about each module – our notes in italics:

Stakeholder Interaction Skills: Personal
– Duration 90 minutes

The course helps delegates understand what different behaviours exist and the factors that drive those behaviours. It also helps identify and clarify the different attitudes that can be encountered. Both of these topics are based primarily on the words used.

These skills help deliver more positive interactions with others, leading conversations to successful conclusions.

In a data protection context, these skills can be invaluable. Especially in tense situations such as reporting on data breaches to senior management or other stakeholders within 72 hours of identification of a breach.

I also think that delegates would benefit from undergoing the free ‘Discover Yourself’ Personality Assessment beforehand – it takes fewer than ten minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Stakeholder Interaction Skills: Meetings
– Duration 90 minutes

The course helps delegates understand how to run successful meetings and ensure meeting objectives are achieved. It also helps to keep meetings moving forward.

Understanding words in particular, along with gestures and facial expressions can enhance a person’s interactions with others in important meetings.

The relationships between statements made in a meeting and the responses to them can help leaders / facilitators gain the respect of the attendees and minimise agitation and conflict.

The two courses are very complementary but neither is dependent on the other. Having said that, I believe that the ideal learning sequence would be: Discover Yourself Personality Assessment; Stakeholder Interaction Skills – Personal; then Meetings.

Understanding how to improve personal interactions definitely complements the understanding and improvement of interactions in meetings to achieve successful meeting outcomes based on the defined objectives.

The two courses can be run separately (online especially) or as one unit of four hours (including a 15 minute bio-break).

We don’t recommend blended learning for either course. They are best done interactively online or face to face.

An overview of the ground covered by the two courses is in our free Guide to Stakeholder Interactions